The Bologna System and its Implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tomislav Kezarovski: imprisoned for journalistic work
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Is sport only a game?
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Fifi Janevski : LGBTQ+ rights in balkans

The Bologna System and its Implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this issue of UnityShow our team visited Sarajevo, where they conducted a research about higher education issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They conducted a poll on the streets of Sarajevo discussing the implementation of the Bologna Prozess in the country. UnityShowś reporters also visited several university faculties, where they interviewed students about current problems of higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The showś topics:

-The value of having a university degree in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Nerma Ajnadžić, Katerina Smileva, Azmir Sehić)

– Public vs. private universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: which are better? (Bogdan Brkic, Ivana Čuturić, Irena Karevska)

-Differences between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the journalism studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vladimir Čolaković, Sarah Rayyes, Vanja Micevska)

-The benefits of student mobility in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tanja Rajkovic, Martin Manaskov, Krešimir Pavković)

Unity Show is produced by 12 young people with a background from former Yugoslavia who live in Vienna, Sarajevo and Skopje. What brings them together is their passion for radio journalism, their interest in exploring new cultures and their willingness to approach complex social and political issues with an open mind without succumbing to stereotypes. The young journalists work in mixed teams and produce short features dedicated to topics such as social and policy issues in Austria and on the Balkans, problems of youth and education in Europe, human rights, culture and sports, etc.

Unity Show was created within the Erasmus+ project “Connecting(ex)You, which is dedicated to facilitating cultural and knowledge exchange through the organization and implementation of regional radio trainings.

PARTNERS: Association for Cultural and Media Decontamination (Sarajevo), School of Journalism and Public Relations (Skopje)

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