Grandmas telling their story – Anna Olafsdottir and Desislava Tsoneva about the collaborative film project „The European Grandma Project“

Kino für die Ohren – Crossing Europe 2018
  • olafsdottir_tsoneva about the european grandma project
59:40 Min.
Grandma’s and 15 Years Crossing Europe
46:09 Min.
Interview mit Sandra Trostel, All Creatures Welcome (Langfassung)
50:00 Min.
Kino für die Ohren: 15 Jahre Crossing Europe
18:30 Min.
About "The Family" with Rok Biček
1 Std. 14 Sek.
Architektur und Gesellschaft
1 Std. 01 Sek.
Crossing Europe: Local Artists
24:14 Min.
European Panorama Documentary: ALL CREATURES WELCOME
59:40 Min.
All Creatures Welcome & Montags in Dresden


Anna Olafsdottir from Iceland and Desislava Tsoneva from Bulgaria are 2 out of 9 young female filmmakers, that contributed to the collaborative film project “The European Grandma Project”. The movie is part of the local artist program and was shown at the opening night of Crossing Europe film festival 2018. Initiated by the Linzer artist Alenka Maly, 9 women film their grandmothers in 9 different countries, f.ex. from Greece, Bulgaria, Iceland, Austria or Italy. How did their grandmas react to the idea of being filmed, and how did the shooting changed their relationship? Christiane Löper met the two filmmakers at the festival and spoke with them the about movie  – and about their grandmas.


Anna Olafsdottir and Desislava Tsoneva spoke about their contribution to the movie The European Grandmas Project. The European Grandma Project by Alenka Maly and 8 other female filmmakers is shown again on May 1st at the Crossing Europe in Moviemento in Linz, as well as in Wels in Programmkino. As the project is formed not only by a movie, but also by a website, we recommend to have a look at

More information about the local artists program you can find here:

An interview with the initiator and filmmaker Alenka Maly and producer Nora Gumpenberger you can find here (in german):

More interviews and film reviews you can find with „Kino für die Ohren 2018“:



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