A lecture for penguins

Antarctic Biennale
  • RO 2018 12 Sekatsky sendung final
27:59 Min.
Antarctic Biennale Expedition - about art and sailing
28:00 Min.
On a drifting ice floe at the North Pole
31:19 Min.
Die ganze Welt Antarktis
28:00 Min.
We are all monsters
28:53 Min.
Antarctica - from the edge of biological possibilities
30:06 Min.
Come here but don't come here - On the apartheid of humans and nature
28:09 Min.
45 minutes of silence; standing upside down and waving arms and legs like a tree
30:17 Min.
27:56 Min.
On icebergs, on murder mysteries set on a ship traveling in the Antarctic mist and why we can still have Romantic faith in our humanistic future

Interview with Alexander Sekatsky, associate professor at the Saint Petersburg University at the faculty of philosophy and political sciences. He is the Chair of social philosophy and the philosophy of history.

His special focus is: phenomenology, existentialism and social philosophy.

His publications and books include

  • The ontology of life
  • The danger of reality
  • Applied Metaphysics
  • Investigations
  • The mission of the proletariat

Alexander Sekatsky is the recipient of the famous Andrej Bely prize, 2008

The interview was recorded by Barbara Imhof in Antarctica during the Antarctic Biennale Expedition in March 2017. The Antarctic Biennale with their Venice pavilion shows and the expedition was conceived by the Russian artist and commissioner Alexander Ponomarev and the expedition was curated by Nadim Samman.

Translations: Sofya Gavrilova, Olesya Kleymenova

Speakers: Barbara Imhof, Lucas Wisniewski

Production: Barbara Imhof

Music by Shama Rahman and Lou Sheppard


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