RadioMuse Broadcast #10

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RadioMuse Broadcast #10

hosted by Orange 94.0, Vienna

This is the 10th edition of RadioMuse, this time from Radio Orange 94.0 in Vienna, Austria.

For our broadcast we met with three exponents of the thriving Viennese underground scene, talking with Paul Ebhart and Florian Stöffelbauer in the first part of the show. Paul is active as a DJ and musician under various aliases, connecting the dots between experimental electronics, wave and techno old and new. Together with Florian he was organising the infamous „Basic Rhythm“ parties in Vienna, soon extending into a Youtube channel of the same name, where they present the music they love and feel most. Florian is co-founder of „Neubau Records“ and sublabel „Wiener Brut“. As a producer he released records under his „Heap“ alias on labels like ESP Institute or Berceuse Heroique. On top he is also running the record store / mail order „Discus Throwers“ based in the Neubau district of Vienna.

In the second part of our feature we met with Natascha Muhič, who is one of the cathalysts in the Vienna scene. With one foot in fine arts and another firmly based in music, she is involved in countless projects, organizing events, playing music, Djing, label-work.. you name it. Like Paul and Florian, Natascha is also well connected beyond Austria’s local scene and part of a vital, exchanging community of artists in a wide variety of genres and fields. In our talk she will also tell us about her amazing project Vinylograph, a vinyl cutting machine she built together with Christoph Freidhöfer and that is used as a base for her lathe-cut vinyl label of the same name.


Track 1:
Poligam – Mauern („Poligam“ LP, Wiener Brut, 2017)
Track 2:
Aktionskunst Gerasdorf – Grenzenlos („Radikalkur“ EP, Wiener Brut, 2019)
Track 3:
Alexander Arrpeggio – Streng geheim (Geier aus Stahl Remix) („Streng Geheim“ EP, Neubau, 2018)
Track 4:
Gran Bankrott – Bankrott (Bankrott / Letzter Arbeitstag 7″, Vinylograph, Numavi & Reich und Föhn, 2019)
Track 5:
Johnny Geiger – Hunger (st 7″, epileptic media & Vinylograph, 2018)
Track 6:
J.G.G. – Rium („Delirium EP“, Cut Surface &Vinylograph, 2018)


Aktionskunst Gerasdorf
Alexander Arrpeggio / Geier aus Stahl
Gran Bankrott
Johnny Geiger

RADIO & COUNTRY: Radio Orange 94.0, Wien,

WHO PRODUCED THE SHOW: Bernhard Staudinger with technical support by Paul Ebhart


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