Summer Blast Sampler Vol. 89

Glazba protiv vetrenjača – Musik gegen Windmühlen
  • Gvsb89
1 Std. 00 Sek.
GvsB #124 Porto Morto
1 Std. 00 Sek.
GvsB #123 Goribor
55:31 Min.
GvsB (Musik gegen Windmuhlen) #122 - Fajront 2021 feat. Jasna Jovićević
51:42 Min.
GvsB 121 (Musik gegen Windmühlen) - Lenhart Tapes
59:59 Min.
GvsB (Musik gegen Windmühlen) #120, Nova dijaspora 2
55:48 Min.
GvsB (Musik gegen Windmühlen) #119, Nova dijaspora
59:25 Min.
Dimitrije Dimitrijević, Jenseits von Indie
59:52 Min.
Çhâñt Élečtrónïqùe, indie folk
59:43 Min.
Mitar Subotić-Suba, reifer Stil
58:43 Min.
Bratko Bibič, Rituale

Opening with announcements for up and coming events in early September. Friendly tunes from speed-core band Eke Buba that just finished their US tour. Zagreb-based band to be reckoned with.

Followed by Omega Sun, a stoner postcard to a host-colleague Bojadžija. You will be missed, as much as AU in Brunnengasse, the venue where we have wasted many Zwickels and sweat our tongues a bit. Thank you both for tuning-in our first 90 shows altogether. That’s close to 3 years of nasty grooves, baby!

An album of the week is „I Was Real“ by $75 Bill from New York City, by Che Chen on guitar and Rick Brown on percussions. What does the US band do on an alternative Balkan sampler? Our show is either about Balkan as a metaphor or as a medium for assorted vibes and the Bill is very Eastern-sounding, indeed. There you go, enjoy the show!

A couple of tunes from Slovenian sound terrorists are enclosed by Brgs, a one-man-band electroacoustic composer and drummer, Jaka Berger from Lubiana… and Jimmy Barka Experience, a trio from just around the corner featuring two producers/DJs and inimitable Marjan Stanić on drums.

We close the show with The Mekons‘, surprisingly rich folk-rock album, rich in arrangements, and heavy in historical imagery squeezed in the lyrics. Politically engaged and subtly raging – by all means.


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