WG-Küche #7 – Internationals in Innsbruck

  • WG-Küche # 07 - Internationals in Innsbruck (Radioversion)
1 Std. 05:36 Min.
WG-Küche #11 - Erasmus Erfahrungen
59:54 Min.
WG-Küchenmusiksession #3
1 Std. 13:36 Min.
WG-Küche #10 - An der Uni arbeiten
58:00 Min.
WG-Küche #9 - WG-Leben in Quarantäne
1 Std. 04:12 Min.
WG-Küche - Küchengelaber #01
57:39 Min.
WG-Küche - Küchenmusiksession Volume 2
57:33 Min.
WG-Küche #8 - Erstes Semester in Innsbruck
58:00 Min.
WG-Küche #6 - Ein Unternehmen gründen als Student oder Studentin
57:27 Min.
WG-Küche - Küchenmusiksession Volume 1

For a second time the WG-Küche is completely in English and not only the spoken language will be international!

The newest issue is about living and studying in Innsbruck as someone from another country. How it is to come from another country and having to work, study, buy groceries, find friends, and party hard in this little city right in between the Alps. Enjoy an hour of talking about how difficult it is to find information about Innsbruck beforehand, what’s unusual for foreigners about supermarkets here, what the Innsbruck nightlife is missing, and much much more.

My guests for that were:

Inés Condoy Franco from Madrid, Spain is here for her second time already.  After doing two Erasmus semesters in 2015 she came back to work as a language assistant in Kufstein a year ago and now studies translations and English online, while working on her German to study interpreting soon.

Alessia Lungo Vascetty from Torino, Italy, is here for a month now and will do one Erasmus semester at the Management Center Innsbruck. After studying in Utrecht she moved to Edenborough to study international tourism management and German for two years, before she decided to get here for her semester abroad.

João Gurgel from Ceara, Brasil, is here for more than 6 months already and will stay till February to study at the MCI as well.

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