From Cloudy Ecologies to Thirsty Datacenters: AMRO Research Lab 2019 Review

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  • From Cloudy Ecologies to Thirsty Datacenters: AMRO Research Lab 2019 Recap
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not virtual at all
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Megacorp: "Trust us and we will expand!"
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Über amerikanischen Drohnenkrieg und deutsche Massenüberwachung
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Privacy, is it really that important?
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Sharing Cities sind mehr als nur “smarte” Städte
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Freedom is absolutely necessary for the progress in science [...]
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Behind the smart World
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Capture All...
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Disrupting Business - AMRO 2014

A final interview with the participants of the AMRO Art Meets Radical Openness – Research Lab 2019: Christina Gruber, Antonio Zingaro and Davide Bevilacqua.

Cloudy Ecologies, Climate Change, Eco-Activism
Both the digital and the analog world are based on water. For the digital cloud – a network of servers – water is needed to ensure fast streaming times, cool data center servers and supply power. The water required for this process is collected, heated, cooled and returned to the water cycle, which affects it.

AMRO Research Lab 2019/2020 questions are: Which effects do these material changes of water have on the ecosystem? In a time in which internet infrastructure has such a central role in our daily life, how can we rethink the balance between the human needs of technology and the resources available in nature?

Interview und editing: Julia Grillmayr

More info about the 2019 RL Activities:

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