The Copycat Contest (feat. Sandy im Getriebe)

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Beeps, Bleeps and Elevators
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The Chester Bennington Tribute Show
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With geeks through Scandinavia and beyond
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„Ich will mein Luftballon zurück!“ – Geschichten aus Einem Land wo Musik vertraut klingt

It’s the middle of May and, after a year of break, the Eurovision Song Contest returns to TV stations around the world. With the full list of songs already known and the first rehearsals underway, another tradition has already been cultivated all over the Internet, namely the pointing out of possible plagiarism cases.Joined for this episode by Sandy im Getriebe, let us discover how throughout the history of this and possibly other song contests, the presented songs sounded oddly familiar and how in many other ways the stream of inspiration flowed to form  the next hit, a collage of music from all around the world and, for some weird reason, audible traffic lights.
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