No More Violence Against Women: Episode 3

No More Violence Against Women – podcast of the WAVE Network
  • No More Violence Against Women: Episode 3
26:28 Min.
WAVE x unsichtbar: Artivism – Art used as a tool against violence against women
38:18 Min.
Voices Amplified: Navigating Inclusive Activism in the Realm of Migration and Women's Rights
34:56 Min.
Women's rights around the globe - a conversation with Farah Abou Harb
33:08 Min.
The need to end cyber violence – an interview with Dr. Eleonora Esposito
50:13 Min.
Taking an intersectional approach to tackling human rights abuses
29:43 Min.
Achieving sustainable activism in today's world! #WAVEofChange
29:49 Min.
Access to safe abortion is health care
19:16 Min.
Women’s bodies have been used as weapons: the devastating consequences of war
17:38 Min.
Abortion Rights are Human Rights!
29:06 Min.
Tatiana Chebac on mental health & sustainable service provision

No More Violence Against Women; the podcast of the WAVE Network.
In this podcast WAVE voices are amplified to give insight on topics such as sexualised violence, online violence, femicides, violence against women with disabilities, youth activism, important legislation such as the Istanbul Convention, and more to highlight the different forms and dimensions of violence against women and girls. The third episode includes contributions from Viktoriia Shvaher (WAVE Youth Ambassador from Ukraine) on intergenerational collaborations in feminist movements, Sabiha Azad (WAVE Youth Ambassador from Wales) on youth, violence prevention and education, Ivana Zelić (Serbia) and Elisabeth Udl (Austria) on providing support to women with disabilities.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or opinion / position of Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).

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