Future Living – Antonio Scarponi (en)

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30:30 Min.
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Emerging Fields – Josef Füssl: 3D-Druck mit Biokomposit
1 Std. 25:15 Min.
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32:17 Min.
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Versatile Space (s) – Werner Sobek
31:59 Min.
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29:46 Min.
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30:33 Min.
Sustainable Future – Emanuele Naboni
33:06 Min.
Sustainable Future – Sabina Riss: Feminist Urbanism
30:46 Min.
Sustainable Future – Der Verein „LIVING FOR FUTURE“

Future Living – Antonio Scarponi (en): Using architecture and design to reposition the relationship between people,  knowledge, and spaces

We broadcast a recording of the interview with Antonio Scarponi. The conversation took place in the frame of the course Emerging Fields in Architecture, TU Wien (WS 2021/22). For this radio broadcast series architecture students interviewed researchers, creatives and experts from various disciplines and research fields. The focus of the conversations was the question: How do we live in the future? The students were looking for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary strategies for planning, building and living together now and in the future.

 Using architecture and design as a way to reposition the relationship between people and knowledge, between people and spaces is one of the main ideas of the architect and designer Antonio Scarponi, who also founded a practical school.

Design is a form of knowledge, and he shows it through one of his main concepts named “conceptual devices”. It can be defined as an idea which allows to transform the understanding of the relation between people and things, in order to create a bigger impact. Indeed, the role of designers and architects is not only to build solutions for the future, but also to better understand issues that we will have to survive all together. In this broadcast, you will hear some examples of his work – like urban farming – that could help us understanding and improving the world, but also improving the resiliency which could be far beyond the ecological issues. At the end, we may all have a role to play in the future society, through design and architecture, but mostly through our way of living and thinking : it is indeed more about a future culture rather than a future architecture.

Maëlle Darnis, Lou Andersson and Coraline Guineau conducted the interview and produced this broadcast as part of the course  Emerging Fields in Architecture at the TU Wien.

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 Broadcast Focus 2022: Future Living

 Architects are innovators: spatial, social and technological innovations, the cognitive conception of which often lies far in the past, can be found in numerous of their concepts and designs.

Researchers, creatives and experts from different disciplines and research fields were interviewed on the topic of How do we live in the future? The goal was to investigate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary strategies for planning, building and living together now and in the future. The broadcast series covers concrete proposals as well as visions looking far into the future.

The broadcast derived in the context of the module ‚Emerging Fields in Architecture‘ at the TU Wien (WS 21/22). The module imparts, explores and discusses knowledge from new research fields in architectural and engineering disciplines in order to bring together knowledge and know-how from these fields for the student’s own design development.

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