Future Living – Zhou Lu

  • RO_220412_Interview of Zhou Lu
31:56 Min.
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Future Living – Zhou Lu: Community renovation and upgrading

We broadcast a recording of the interview with Zhou Lu. The conversation took place in the frame of the course Emerging Fields in Architecture, TU Vienna (WS 2021/22). For this radio broadcast series architecture students interviewed researchers, creatives and experts from various disciplines and research fields. The focus of the conversations was the question: How do we live in the future? The students were looking for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary strategies for planning, building and living together now and in the future.

Zhou Lu is the director of NICE Commune. NICE commune located in an old neighborhood in shanghai, but it’s a totally new space redesigned by a famous Italian designer Aldo Cibic.This renewal is a part of the project named NICE 2035 which is a project of community renovation and upgrading. NICE Commune is an organization and bond that promote sustainable life style and connect residents. The main contents of this interview include the following aspects: first, the respondents introduced what nice commune is and what they are mainly engaged in. Secondly, it forecasts and envisages what changes have taken place in Shanghai’s community life in recent years and what changes may take place in the future. Thirdly, the interviewees talked about the topic of commune research, that is, the sustainable lifestyle in the future. Then, the interview described the future lifestyle changes, the new needs for public space, and the future community public space. Finally, the respondents mentioned the concepts of limited sustainability and unlimited „meta verse“, and explained some of their opinions and views on future community life. Yizhou Han, Bingqiong Gao and

Qian Fan conducted the interview and produced this broadcast as part of the course Emerging Fields in Architecture at the TU Wien.

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 Broadcast Focus 2022: Future Living

 Architects are innovators: spatial, social and technological innovations, the cognitive conception of which often lies far in the past, can be found in numerous of their concepts and designs.

Researchers, creatives and experts from different disciplines and research fields were interviewed on the topic of How do we live in the future? The goal was to investigate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary strategies for planning, building and living together now and in the future. The broadcast series covers concrete proposals as well as visions looking far into the future.

The broadcast derived in the context of the module ‚Emerging Fields in Architecture‘ at the TU Wien (WS 21/22). The module imparts, explores and discusses knowledge from new research fields in architectural and engineering disciplines in order to bring together knowledge and know-how from these fields for the student’s own design development.

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