La brèche #33 Femmes de l’ombre (Women from the 60’s, Pop, Yéyé, Chanson, from France !)

La brèche
  • La brèche #33 Femmes de l'ombre (Women from the 60's, Pop, Yéyé, Chanson, from France !)
1 Std. 21:26 Min.
La brèche #62 In Good compagny (Soft rock, Smooth Jazz & Lounge music)
1 Std. 30:01 Min.
La brèche #61 Brasileiras ! (Brasilian women, MPB : Musica Popular Brasileira 1964-1982)
1 Std. 28:37 Min.
La brèche #60 Flavored Beats (Instrumental Hiphop Mix)
1 Std. 24:42 Min.
La brèche #59 Carte Blanche à DLanada ! (Live Mix at the studio : Micro, deep, jazz, experimental, ambiant HOUSE !)
1 Std. 29:14 Min.
La brèche #58 Le Tube de l'Hiver (Wintery inspired french selection : 70s Psych, Jazz, mystic poetry & obscur Grooves)
1 Std. 29:19 Min.
La brèche #57 My England Nuggets (70s Prog rock/Rock/80s Pop)
1 Std. 29:47 Min.
La brèche #56 Carte Blanche : EDAMS (Dark & Experimental Techno LIVE MIX)
1 Std. 30:02 Min.
LA brèche #55 Mind Game (Psych rock, Acid Folk 68-73)
1 Std. 59:46 Min.
La brèche #54 Dans ta maison à toi (French Folk)
1 Std. 29:25 Min.
La brèche #53 Un air dans l'air - Brasilian Inspired French Bossa

For this 33rd issue, we will focus on French women artists from the 60’s who have remained in the shadows. At that time, women became emancipated, sang, wrote poetry and performed on stage. Obviously, the man is never far away, playing the lyricist, the producer, the arranger to bring out the lot of young girls who have everything to be the next icons of magazines and television shows. The theme of this program will focus on those who wanted to emancipate themselves as best they could from the male music business, but also on those who were stars for a few months for young French people. We will also talk about some who, for lack of means or perhaps timing, have never been able to stand out. Of course, we will also have some mythical names like Brigitte, Bardot, Françoise Hardy or France Gall. Step into the breach ! Yéyé, pop rock and song at the rendez-vous!

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