La brèche #32 Midnight Cowboys (USA Rock/ Heavy Pysch rock / Ethno Rock / Acid / Psychédelic Rock etc)

La brèche
  • La brèche #32 Midnight Cowboys
1 Std. 21:26 Min.
La brèche #62 In Good compagny (Soft rock, Smooth Jazz & Lounge music)
1 Std. 30:01 Min.
La brèche #61 Brasileiras ! (Brasilian women, MPB : Musica Popular Brasileira 1964-1982)
1 Std. 28:37 Min.
La brèche #60 Flavored Beats (Instrumental Hiphop Mix)
1 Std. 24:42 Min.
La brèche #59 Carte Blanche à DLanada ! (Live Mix at the studio : Micro, deep, jazz, experimental, ambiant HOUSE !)
1 Std. 29:14 Min.
La brèche #58 Le Tube de l'Hiver (Wintery inspired french selection : 70s Psych, Jazz, mystic poetry & obscur Grooves)
1 Std. 29:19 Min.
La brèche #57 My England Nuggets (70s Prog rock/Rock/80s Pop)
1 Std. 29:47 Min.
La brèche #56 Carte Blanche : EDAMS (Dark & Experimental Techno LIVE MIX)
1 Std. 30:02 Min.
LA brèche #55 Mind Game (Psych rock, Acid Folk 68-73)
1 Std. 59:46 Min.
La brèche #54 Dans ta maison à toi (French Folk)
1 Std. 29:25 Min.
La brèche #53 Un air dans l'air - Brasilian Inspired French Bossa

Today is the (real) begining of „La brèche“ show ! The eclectic music show !

We’ll now meet in the Austrian Radio „Radio Helsinki“ from Graz (92.6fm) every other Monday from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The show will be also broadcasted in France, on Campus FM Toulouse (94fm) every other saturday, from 23:00 to 00:30.

This 32nd show is an exclusively American music show. It’s all about „alternative“ rock (Heavy psych, Shoegaze, Punk, Acid, Psychedelic…). The eras will be varied… But what will be highlighted tomorrow are those „Midnight Cowboys“, workers of nocturnal sounds, relentless, which make me vibrate… We’ll hear beautiful, inspired and eclectic sounds. We will find for example R. Stevie Moore, Sun City Girls, Scott Walker etc…

You can listen to all of this in replay on my blog (and with the tracklist as well!) on :

You can also find „La brèche“ on Instagram : Labreche_radio

See you soon, cowboys!

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