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Grade 5 of the ABIS – Anton Bruckner International School at Radio FRO


My Language is…

Nara: Hi. My name is Nara. I am a Grade 5 student at the Anton Bruckner International School in Linz. Did you
know that there is an international primary school in Linz? Well, there is. The Anton Bruckner International
School is located in the Bruckner Tower, the highest skyscraper in Linz.

Blake: Hold on a minute… Why do we need an international school in Linz. After all, Austrian schools are pretty

Nara: That’s true. But in our school, we learn in English. Our parents come to Linz from many different
countries throughout the world and may need to work in another country in the future. So we need to learn
within a curriculum that is available across the whole world.

Blake: The children within our school speak …. different languages. …! But we all have a common language.

Nara: Our language is gratitude…. Being grateful.

Blake: Gratitude?

Nara: Our language is gratitude.

[Section 1: My Language is Gratitude]

Yaseen: What are you grateful for?

Lilia: Hmmm…. What is grade 5 grateful for?

The  students  read what they are grateful for.

Yaseen, Eve, Lilia, Simon, Sebastian

All: Sing: Thank You for the Music

Yovana: Hi, I’m Yovana. So, first of all, our language is gratitude. What do you think about that, Maggie?
Maggie: Being grateful is heartwarming. Hey, listener, what are you grateful for? It’s great to be grateful!

Yovana: I’m grateful that people are grateful.

Maggie: Hmmm… let me think about that one… hmmm…. yeah. Me too.

Yovana: Time for Part 2. My language is… Wait for it. My language is…. Drum roll
[drumming and high hat].
language is peace.

Maggie: Your language is peace? How about we say ‘Our language is peace’.

Yovana: For sure.

[Section 2: My Language is Peace]

All: Sing: The Peace Song

Theresa: Hi, I’m Theresa.

Marc: And I’m Marc.

Theresa: Part 1 was ‘My Language is Gratitude.’

Marc: Part 2 was ‘My Language is Peace.’

Theresa: Part 3. What do you think our language should be?

Marc: My language is chocolate. No. Wait a minute. My language is chocolate fountain. My language is double chocolate muffins showered by melted chocolate…

Theresa: And chocolate on top. Or maybe cream… Anyway, where were we?
Marc: Part 3. Our final section.

Theresa: Our final section. Part 3. My language is love.

[Section 3: My Language is Love]

Stella: Hi, I’m Stella. We wrote poems about love. Here is mine. [reads poem]

Katherine: My name is Katherine. [Reads poem]

[students introduce themselves and read their poems]

Wasti, Dani, George,
Ellie [Then a line of students]

Ellie: There are 12 different languages that are spoken in our class 12, just in our class alone:

[My language is love: In different Languages]

English: Ellie

French: Lucas

German: Lilia
Bahasa: Eve

Italian: Manuel
Spanish: Baltasar
Mandarin: Louis

Afrikaans: Katherine
Macedonian: Yovana

Arabic: Rimon
Slovak: Laura

Gaelic: Elena


Spoorti: Anton Bruckner International School would like to thank Radio FRO for this wonderful opportunity.

All: Thank you!

Alex: My name is Alex. Our language is gratitude. Our language is peace. Our language is love. What’s your
language? On behalf of Grade 5 Anton Bruckner International School. I would like to thank you for listening
and wish you a lovely day.

All: Goodbye!

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