Present Scenarios: Federico Poni & Florian Reiche

d_sign week
  • s5_habitat
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Political Collective: Soybot & Juan Linares
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Exploration into the Open: Visual Communication MA
59:50 Min.
Feminist ecologies of self-publishing: La_bekka & tumbalacasa ediciones
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Unusual Interfaces: OINC & Jens Vetter

In conversation with Federico Poni about the initiative „Habitat“ and the workshop „Building collective digital archives“, together with Florian Reiche on the project „Hortus Plasticus“ and the initiative „Amorgorama“. About speculative design, world building, ecology, design tools for change within a reality check.

Federico Poni (Habitat)
an artist / cyborg / pizzaiolo / web architect / net urbanist / student / teacher / copy-paste champion / garden lover / dead mouse / musician / alive pigeon / accelerationist / precarious / anarcho-defeatist / professional frier / wizard / minister / publisher / friend of machines / enemy of ASCII
Its practice is a slalom between performance, critical coding, games, sound design, post-photography and writing with the main focus on speculative disciplines and semiotic reflections. Always interested in the relations between humans and devices, It tries to imagine new ecosystems to dwell together. Its obsessions, these days, are the metaphysics of telecommunications, politics of self-hosting and ontology of dough making.

Florian Reiche
Currently undefined. So far, Web Developer, Graphic & Product Designer, Artist.

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