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Talking Europe
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26:43 Min.
Find Your Ikigai
58:03 Min.
From Script to Stage
58:09 Min.
Erasmus Spoiler
58:47 Min.
Magic winter
59:16 Min.
Traveling memories
58:05 Min.
Talking Europe - Volunteers in Tirol
59:00 Min.
Talking Europe 10th July 2023
59:00 Min.
Talking Europe 8th May 2023
59:00 Min.
Talking Europe 13th March 2023

How does it feel to live abroad? The volunteers Elif (Turkey) and Júlia (Spain) tell you about it through a complete selection of music, in which they cover typical emotions and situations that they have encountered as expatriates. In this narrated playlist, you’ll have the chance to discover the 15 musicians that are nominated for the Music Moves Europe Awards. Do you have any favorite artist? The winners will be announced the 18th of January 2024.

Here is the list of the songs played in this episode:

  • Tramhaus (The Netherlands)  – The Goat
  • Ash Oslen (Norway) – Lone Woolf
  • Pearly Drops (Finland) – Forester
  • Ana Lua Caiano (Portugal) – Dói-me a cabeça e o juízo
  • Fran Vasilić (Croatia) – Hypotheticals
  • Zaho De Sagazan (France) – Tristesse
  • Waterbaby (Sweden) – 911
  • freekind. (Slovenia) – Visualize
  • Berry Galazka (Poland) – Leash
  • Yunè Pinku (Ireland) – Sports
  • Gift (Denmark) – Me Time
  • Arny Margret (Iceland) – They only talk about weather
  • Clock Clock (Germany) – When The Sun Don’t Shine
  • Bulgarian Cartrader (Bulgaria) – Narrow Band of Happiness
  • Raphie Choo (Spain) – VOYCONTODO
  • Sans Soucis (Italy) – All Over This Party (2023 Jury’s Winner)

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