Netzrauschen #029 | Tiago Martins on AR[t]chive

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30:00 Min.
Netzrauschen #030 | AIR 2024: GIA - General Intelligence Agency (Of Ljubljana)
30:00 Min.
Netzrauschen #028 | Buttonfestival 2023
36:34 Min.
Worklab 2023 - conversation with Nicholas Crockford (Tactical Tech) on funding application
1 Std. 50 Sek.
Worklab 2023 - Fabricio Lamoncha on ‘Digital Weeds - Interstitial Interfaces’
1 Std. 05:45 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Valentina Pettinger, Nina Hoffer TypInfrauenschreiben*wiki (NOWA)
59:12 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Jean-Frédéric Berthelot on ‘Describing video games, the Wikidata way’
33:11 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Martin Nadal on ‘Obfuscating our presence / parasitizing infrastructures’
48:47 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Karl Voit (Life Hacker) on ‘the art of organizing yourself and your data’
42:49 Min.
Worklab 2023 - Andreas Zingerle on MAYAN electronic document management system

In this episode of Netzrauschen Andreas Zingerle interviews media artist and researcher Tiago Martins from Kunstuniversität Linz on the development of the „AR[t]chive – Augmented Reality Experience for a Digital Art Archive“. The research project aims to establish and expand an innovative teaching and research infrastructure, focusing on the one hand on the development of an archive and the creation of an international network of media art archives, and on the other hand on the development of prototypes for future-oriented forms of documentation in digital art. As part of the project, possibilities of virtual accessibility and immersive experience spaces of digital archives are developed. One such approach is explored in AR[t]chive – an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience for interacting with archive contents.

Foto Credit: Tiago Martins

Links zur Sendung:

ADA Archive – (collective) Sommerer / Mignonneau

Tiago Martins (Cargo Collective)

Ar(t)chive Project website

Gestaltung: Andreas Zingerle

Ton & Signation: Gernot Tutner

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