#119: Austria’s Musical Mavericks

IndieRE 2.0 – Shows from Radio Helsinki Graz, Austria
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IndieRE #119 by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria

Hello and a warm welcome to all our listeners – you’re tuned into Radio Helsinki, broadcasting free from Graz, Austria, with your trusted intern Mirna on the mic.
This is the latest edition of INDIERE – our Independent Radio Exchange programme. Each week, 8 community radio stations from all over Europe share the best of their local underground scenes. Today’s episode, number 119, showcases incredible Austrian tracks!
Expect a diverse mix featuring everything from mellow melodies and folk-inspired tunes to energetic punk, hip hop, and experimental electronic sounds. The show explores the unique and vibrant Austrian music scene.
A special hip hop segment prepared by hip hop expert Thomas offers a deep dive into Austria’s underground rap scene.
And no episode of INDIERE is complete without Lilly Vanilli, who brings highlights from Pumpkin Records‘ latest sampler „Have a minute?“, featuring some one-minute gems spanning multiple genres.
So once again, there’s something for everyone in this IndieRE episode from Graz. Enjoy and lots of Bussis aus Helsinki!

1) NITSCH – Bar von Josefine
2) Conny Frischauf – Schall und Schwer (Erst aus dem Ufo seh ich dich)
3) enns – screensssss
4) Flow-G, Bettina Fekonja – Wie a Mosaik
5) Strange, Zoulist, Flow-G, LUX – nochts im frost
6) LUX – Why
7) Grazer Grant – Herbert Muss Weg!
8) AZE – Mother did I make you proud?
9) Beauchamp*Geissler – Hello How Are You My Darlin?
10) Noayama – I Went Left ft. Hprizm
11) BILLI MPEG – Pretty Lies And Ugly Truth
12) Paul & Pets – Less Than A Minute
13) Whyis – Random Groove #77/4
14) Hella Comet – In A Nutshell
14) Hidden by the Grapes – Die Wahrheit ist Pflicht
15) Johnny Batard – 100.000 Volt
16) Monsterheart feat. Wolf Lehmann – Circumstances

Produced by Radio Helsinki, Graz, Austria
Prepared and announced by Mirna Čobanović, Thomas Paier and Lilly Jagl.


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