radio AGORA 105 I 5
Hi I’m Andrew GJ aka DJ Droid.
Since the Spring of 2018 I’ve been producing and hosting the 'Tunes From Turtle Island' radio show for a London radio station.
It is also broadcast by Radio Agora, Radio Freequenns, Radio Proton and Radio Fro in Austria and by Radio Onde Furlane in Italy.
As far as I know, it is the only European radio show to exclusivity promote the indigenous musicians, bands and sound artists of North America. I play all genres of music from hip hop, rock, jazz and blues through to traditional, country, folk and more, from the first period of recorded sound, right up to the present day. I also include news articles on environmental destruction, social and human rights issues impacting on the indigenous communities.

Not only that, but I am a practising artist working with different mediums including film/video, glass and mixed media, my work can be found at

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