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Elevate Civil Society!_2010
  • Alternative Media & Activism
2 Std. 34:02 Min.
Protestbewegungen und zivilgesellschaftliche Initiativen in Österreich – Gestern, heute und morgen
2 Std. 13:18 Min.
It's all about the movement! Global action in a world in crisis
1 Std. 48:08 Min.
Zivilgesellschaft und Medien
1 Std. 39:18 Min.
Datenkrake Web 2.0
53:02 Min.
Behind the Scenes: Elevate Mediachannel
39:18 Min.
Béatrice Achaleke im Gespräch über ihren Kampf für die Rechte von MigrantInnen, die Zivilgesellschaft und den Feminismus
2 Std. 05:00 Min.
Podiumsdiskussion: Wege aus der Krise
1 Std. 57:51 Min.
Diskussion: Kreative Protestformen, ziviler Ungehorsam und Aktivismus 2.0
1 Std. 01:03 Min.
Transition Movement: Rob Hopkins in Conversation with Brigitte Kratzwald and the Audience

Alternative Media & Activism
25-10-2010 forum stadtpark Graz

Anjali Kamat (Democracy Now! / US)
Iara Lee (Cultures of Resistance / BR)

Moderation: Daniel Erlacher (Elevate / AT)

There are few concepts in alternative media that have succeeded in being heard and seen worldwide. The daily US news broadcast „Democracy Now!“ is an exceptional example for independent journalism and is aired on more than 700 international radio, TV and internet stations – in Austria on In addition to daily news reports, a central program point consists of extensive talks with guests from journalism, art, politics, religion, science, military or the peace movement. Democracy Now! points out perspectives which are barely noted by mainstream media, keeps itself politically independent and survives with the help of all kind of donations.

A further example for courageous media work is Iara Lee’s initiative and the like-named documentary film „Cultures of Resistance“. Not only do Iara Lee and her camera constantly travel to the most dangerous crisis zones of the world, but they also go to the center of the action. In May 2010, as a passenger and unseen by the Isreali military and secret service, she succeeded in smuggling more than one hour of video material off the attacked Turkish aid ship Mavi Marmara. Nine people were killed during the assault. Her pictures went around the world and could finally also be handed over to the UN as means of evidence for the clarification of the incident.

Anjali Kamat and Iara Lee will report on their work and specific production conditions and debate about which forms of reportage and awareness training are possible at the crossroads of journalism and activism.

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