WG-Küche #3 – Barkeeper Stories

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1 Std. 05:36 Min.
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The third episode of the WG-Küche is about the “psychotherapists of the patrons”: the Barkeepers. We try to get to the bottom of what makes them achieve this area of work, what skills did they have to learn, what art lies behind the job at the bar and how do the Innsbruck customers differ from the others?

The answers to those questions come from two very international guests who spent most of their lives behind the bartable.

Thomas Hester is Manager & Partner form the Galway Bay Irish Pub near SoWi and got from Ireland to Innsbruck about 9 years ago. The 29 years old bartender started working at his parent’s pub in very early years and didn’t leave that area of work since.

Danilo Milicevic is the bar chef from Gang & Gäbe and Kater Noster. He is born in Belgrade, where he also started his bartending career in a café, but worked in Poland, Greece, the United States and Dubai afterwards. With lots of further education in coffee making, wine tasting and whiskey professions he now is responsible at the two bars at the Leopoldstraße in Innsbruck.

For the first time the show will be completely in English. This is not a regular thing, but depending on the guests and the topic more of them will come from time to time.

Have fun and thank you for listening!

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