Artistic places = places of healing – Role of artists in society (2nd part)

Snapshots From The Borders
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42:15 Min.
"Amazonas Akut" - The Tribuna Festival 22
58:44 Min.
Indigenous Resistance against Destruction of the Amazon Rainforrest
48:00 Min.
Threats and Challenges of Indigenous Women in the Amazon.
1 Std. 59:52 Min.
Translation between Cosmovisions: Socio-cultural Threats of the Samburu of Northern Kenya.
51:45 Min.
Agroforestry in Samburu - Part 2
50:50 Min.
Agroforestry in Samburu - Part 1
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Translation of the Arabic poem
45:51 Min.
Snapshots from Sprachenfest #2
59:30 Min.
Migrant Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina
51:01 Min.
Snapshots from Sprachenfest #1

»Where do artists belong in society?« Peninah Lesorogol, Samburu Beadshop

»In Austra the time of the squads is just gone, so we need another system of occupying and getting spaces…« Simon Hafner, IG Kultur Steiermark

»It is not career goal that I make money just from music,…, the important part for me is that music is driving force for me, …, to have like this kind of power that I can use then in other areas of life…« Simon Hafner, IG Kultur Steiermark

»… but it is also like the position of the worker nowadays – you really have to use your skills to be creative. So we can get to the end that it is common for most people to be artists.« Vahida Ramujkić, Minipogon, Belgrade

Those are just a few of the quotes from intensive public debate about the role of art and artists in society. Public debate was happening on 2nd of June at Marienplatz as part of the program „The School of the We“ organised by < rotor >. On 16th of June first part of the debate was being broadcasted in Snapshots from the borders show (access link: we present to you the second part.

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