„Ukrainian Culture Works Only for the Ukrainian Army“

Radio Re:volt
  • 23 02 08 RR olesya interview
53:55 Min.
Lila Solidarität – Mor Dayanışma
41:49 Min.
Talk with the curators of "Identity on the Line"
48:27 Min.
The ongoing War from the Point of View of a Russian and a Ukrainian
48:14 Min.
Wohnen, Kunst und Kultur im Kapitalismus
53:46 Min.
Bericht von Tag der Menschenrechte und Spielfeld
41:38 Min.
Ver-rückte Migrant:innen
1 Std. 01 Sek.
Nick Acorne: "Wir wollen kein teil von Russland sein und wir wollen kein Krieg auf unsere Erde haben"
58:24 Min.
Places of Hope and Grief – Lesbos
55:27 Min.
Pilotshow: Lesbos meets Graz

In this week’s interview we welcome Olesya from Kyiv . Gea met with her online. They raised a variety of topics addressing the war in Ukraine. What is the current situation in Kyiv? What is the mood and how is she and others ensuring psychological stability and a sense of security? What about the role of stand-up comedy and culture in these times? Olesya shared with us the songs she is currently listening to. The interview raises themes about the role of the Russian media, her perspective on regulation and the leadership of Zelensky during the war. Would he be willing to accept an agreement with Putin?