#55: Gen Z Mixtape – A Radio Journey through Cheeky Hip-hop, Dreampop, Funk, Electro, Rock and Detroit Techno from Austria

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  • #55: Gen Z Mixtape - A Radio Journey through Cheeky Hip-hop, Dreampop, Funk, Electro, Rock and Detroit Techno from Austria
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Hello and welcome to the 55th episode of IndieRE broadcast. This show is produced by Thomas Paier from Radio Helsinki in Graz, Austria.

In this show you will experience a wild mixture: On the one hand you will hear cheeky hip-hop, and rap sounds from Graz and Vienna. On the other hand we dive in the genres dreampop, funk, electro, rock and Detroit techno. Really there is no time to rest: This show is young, fresh and urban. Feel the progressive vibe of the best generation on earth: Generation Z

You will hear an interview with Spitting Ibex, which is a Vienna-based funk, electro and rock band. In December 2022 they released their second album EGO.

My second interview guest is part of the fresh and new label Kopf Herz Hand from Graz. His name is Despo. He is in the interview as well as the Graz-based dreampop and indie-rock band called Crush. They release their productions on Numavi Records since 2016.

Next to Spitting Ibex, Crush and Despo there are many more great underground artists, which are included in this IndieRE episode: Nike101 with Double Cup (from her brand new album), DBDNB and Phillipe with the track Elke Kahr (current mayor of Graz from the communist party), Donna Savage with Schumacher and before the 55th episode ends with 55 minutes we present Huebl’s newest single called Lean on You (Broken Mix). Huebl worked together with Jahson The Scientist.


Phil1PP3soundcloud | instagram
Nike101bandcamp | instagram
Spitting Ibexweb | instagram
Kopf Herz Handweb | youtube | instagram | moonshinerz
Crushbandcamp | instagram
Donna Savageweb | bandcamp | instagram
Hueblsoundcloud | ra.co | instagram
Futurealbandcamp | soundcloud | instagram


01 DBDNB, Phil1PP3 – Elke Kahr (Copyright Control, 2023)
02 Nike101 – Double Cup (Futuresfuture, 2023)
03 Spitting Ibex – Ego (Spitting Records, 2022)
04 Spitting Ibex – Mamagodoh (Spitting Records, 2022)
05 Despo – Vitamin B (Kopf Herz Hand, 2022)
06 Despo – Townes van Xan (Kopf Herz Hand, 2022)
07 Crush – Where Flowers Grow (Numavi Records, 2023)
08 Crush – Just Work, No Play (2023)
09 Donna Savage – Schuhmacher (Wave Planet Records, 2022)
10 Huebl, Jahson The Scientist – Lean on You (Broken Mix) (nine0nine, 2023)

Produced by Radio Helsinki, Austria.

Prepared and announced by Thomas Paier.

Funded by Creative Europe.


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