unsafe+sounds: Building a Community

unsafe+sounds 2023
  • unsafeandsounds_FLUCC_2023-09-15
1 Std. 15:00 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Auf der Suche nach dem Wir in der Diaspora
1 Std. 57:09 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Mangelnde Clubbräume - mangelnde Safe Spaces in Wien
1 Std. 57:08 Min.
unsafe+sounds: Sonic Politics of the Diaspora: Identity, Community, Revolt!
1 Std. 00 Sek.
unsafe+sounds: Pisitakun

Creating a database for Asian diasporic artists in electronic music

Maybe one of the most difficult questions to ask is how to become a community? In this discussion we will ask for the possibility of a database for electronic artists of the Asian Diaspora. What’s the pros, what could be the cons of such a platform? Who is included, who is excluded? If the focus of a community we want to build is for the Asian Diaspora, then how could we even begin to define such a community that is encompassing the multiplicities of regional, musical, cultural, linguistic, historic and political diversities and exchanges within Asia? In doing so, can we build networks as a means of self-empowerment and a tool for gaining visibility?

We’ve invited speakers to the panel that are running labels, and/or agencies with an exclusive focus on artists with Asian heritage. Saphy Vong from Chinabot, Anthony Ko from Eastern Margins, journalist and booking agent Yuko Asanuma, Yegorka label-co-founder Tobias Lee, and Christine Kakaire from the Black Artist Database will join us with their expertise.

PANELISTS: Anthony Ko, Christine Kakaire, Saphy Vong, Tobias Lee, Yuko Asanuma

Ein Mitschnitt aus dem FLUCC vom 15. September 2023

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