Outside the box

Radiofabrik – Workshop-Productions
  • Students of the uni course Culture at Work
15:12 Min.
Bunte Sendung aus der Mittelschule Mondsee - Tag 1
23:08 Min.
Bunte Sendung aus der Mittelschule Mondsee - Tag 2
15:42 Min.
Starke Mädchen! (Zentrum ELF Workshopproduction)
36:08 Min.
Wie ist das Jungsein heute?
21:37 Min.
HomeZoomHarmony (PH Digitale Grundbildung)
27:24 Min.
Zwischen Schulbank und Lehrerzimmer (PH Digitale Grundbildung)
19:14 Min.
Ist Latein wirklich tot?
20:04 Min.
Wie funktioniert Mülltrennung? - Schulhausdetektive unterwegs!
37:42 Min.
Ist das noch Soziale Arbeit?! (FH Soziale Arbeit)
30:00 Min.
AudioKitchen - BG Seekirchen

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “outside the box”? Students of the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Salzburg decided to explore this question. This is what emerged from the box that is the university classroom of their “Culture at Work” course:

  • A queer in a box: When we meet people, we inevitably put them into boxes – but what if people don’t fit neatly into just one of these boxes?
  • Living in a box: Probably the most essential physical box is the box you live in. What are different housing options for students in Salzburg and where can they apply for financial support?
  • What’s in the box: This quiz is about deduction. Can you guess what’s in the box?
  • Isolated in a box: What impact have the lockdowns had on our mental health? What has changed?
  • Memories in a box: Ever heard of time capsules? What would you put in your time capsule? When would you open it to let your memories out of the box again?

All of this is sprinkled with some useless facts about boxes.

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