Radio Marš: Ministry Against Environment

Unpolluted On Air
  • 03-UOA-Marš-June-2022
40:02 Min.
How good is Graz at cycling?
37:43 Min.
Radio Student Zagreb presents their team
44:29 Min.
Partner Radios Podcast -A Warm Welcome
42:54 Min.
Strassen nutzen als Mensch und nicht als Verkehrsteilnehmer

In the third episode of the Unpolluted On Air podcast and the first episode produced by the Radio MARŠ team, Jan and Zinedin try to walk you through the current state of environmental affairs in Slovenia and Maribor, and they are joined by young environmentalist and activist Jakob of Slovenia’s Youth for Climate Change, who is an active part of the Maribor environmentalist movement.

Voices: Jan Podbrežnik, Zinedin Osmanović, Jakob Sever Klasinc

Sound Technician: Janez Šali

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