Dance Patriarchy

O94SPEZIAL – Feministisches Programm zum 8. März
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57:00 Min.
Nachbetrachtungen zur "Take Back the Streets" Demo am 8. März
58:04 Min.
"I am not FLINTA enough" / "Ich bin nicht FLINTA genug"
57:27 Min.
Live aus dem Studio und von der Straße
56:10 Min.
Radio-UFF-Redakteurinnen live im Studio
57:40 Min.
Bev&Jenny hören HipHop
27:16 Min.
Globale Dialoge Newscheck
30:04 Min.
"Its more about listening than talking"
57:53 Min.
... to vomit up all what we have been taught about ourselves (James Baldwin)
26:56 Min.
Feminismus und Friedensaktivismus
27:10 Min.

This mix features three professionals of literature, film and music – the austrian writer Getraud Klemm, the US film director Nina Menkes and American musician, composer and theorist Tara Rodgers all commenting on their work and research regarding the prevailant invisibility of women in their fields.

The mix seeks to hightlight how passion, lust and sexual desire continue to be formed by the male gaze. This remains a constant setback for emancipation and equality. Intimate relationships and how we arrange them, how we are socialized into them seems to be in many cases more crucial for equality than many of the cosmetical political agendas. I feature tracks from many genres and decades, and also some of the records I grew up with, of female and male pop stars and rolemodels. When listening to many of the ambivalent lyrics closely today it is not a surprise that the male gaze continues to be normalized and that it persists as one of the main setbacks for equality in our society.

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