Interview with Marla Glen

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  • Interview with Marla Glen
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Radio show by Nino Jaeger – radio unsichtbar.

Once when we were young and full of love in the midst of march 8th a sparkling light appeared among a group of young lesbians. In this situation of great enlightenment we made a decision that changed our lifes for ever.

The sleeping village, we lived in, provided almost nothing that could be connected to excitement. Two days after our enlightenment we knew it was time for action. Our tickets were booked, the film camera and recording equipment backed and our brains empty – cause of terrible excitement. But so it was – we had to ask. And we succeeded: fife minutes interview time with Marla Glen! Enjoying her concert some of us almost forgot the purpose of our visit. And when we awoke from dreams caused by her music – there were only the two of us left out of our team ! The women in charge for the interview in the first place had left because of suddenly arising illness. What should we do? Go home as well? We had no idea what we could ask her – and that in English! The joy of the concert was not the same as before and this fife minutes interview time with Marla – just recently the true reason for living – made our lives now even more miserable than before.
But haven’t we been strong daughters of our lesbian feminist believes! Again we made a decision.
Although we were wise beyond our years, we were anxious. But then happened what every little lesbian feminist wish for: a loving and supporting sister appeared just in the right moment! She was looking forward to get an autograph on her Marla poster. She was older than we where and when she heard of our great happiness but great fear at the same time, there was no doubt that she was willing to support us with all her physical and emotional strength. So it happened that the three of us set out for this great adventure: interviewing Marla Glen! The five minutes developed into two hours. As we were professionally prepared and technically excellent equipped after five or six shots the film was empty and after about 1 hour the batteries of the recording equipment were empty as well. Because of this technically misfortune I have to tell you that the last part of this amazing interview was not recorded and kept in our harts and memory only. For ever – of course!


Interviewer: Eva R., photography: Nina J., groupie: Renate H.
Language: English.

Location: Rockhaus Salzburg
Time: March 1997

P.S.: For these of you who are to young to know, back in those days all lesbians and women loved Marla Glen and her music!

I dedicate this radio show to all lesbians and transgender persons. I also dedicate this radio show to lesbian-feminist organizations which supported gender benders – even if they did not knew it.


Interview with Marla Glen
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