I am Jugoslovenka! Book presentation live from Depot

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Nights in Orange Satin
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Surprises and discoveries - with Nigel A. James

I am Jugoslovenka argues that queer-feminist artistic and political resistance were paradoxically enabled by socialist Yugoslavia’s unique history of patriarchy and women’s emancipation. Spanning performance and conceptual art, video works, film and pop music, lesbian activism and press photos of female snipers in the Yugoslav wars, the book analyses feminist resistance in a range of performative actions that manifest the radical embodiment of Yugoslavia’s anti-fascist, transnational and feminist legacies. It covers celebrated and lesser-known artists from the 1970s to today.

Marina Gržinic, Professor, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Natasa Mackuljak, Phd candidate, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/WIENWOCHE
Mirjana Mustra, Student, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Jasmina Tumbas, Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo/NY, USA

Jasmina Tumbas, “I am Jugoslovenka!” Feminist Performance Politics During and After Yugoslav Socialism, Manchester University Press, 2022

With a radio introduction by Zoe Gudovic, host of the new radio show Ženergija – starting on 9th of June at 7 pm on ORANGE 94.0.

More information about the event: https://www.depot.or.at/

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