Françoise N’Thépé

A Palaver
  • Françoise N’Thépé
59:59 Min.
Peter Nigst
59:10 Min.
Martin Feiersinger
56:58 Min.
ÖGFA: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur
1 Std. 01:39 Min.
Jan Šepka
58:47 Min.
Simma Zimmermann Landschaftsarchitektinnen
1 Std. 01:57 Min.
Kit and Philipp vonDalwig
1 Std. 03:51 Min.
Brian Phillips - ISA - Interface Studio Architects
59:50 Min.
Judith Eiblmayr
1 Std. 01:01 Min.
Fieldtrips #8 - Klimawandel - Anpassung der Bestandsstadt
59:30 Min.
Harald A. Jahn – Die Zukunft der Städte.

In this episode, which I recorded in the architects‘ new atelier, located in a former shop in Paris, we talk about art as inspiration and understanding space as a fluent concept. Learn about a poetic way to start projects, strategies during the building process, all the tasks an architect has to fulfill, and specialization.
For a long time, Françoise N’Thépé worked in a partnership with Aldric Beckmann. This collaboration resulted in a large number of extraordinary buildings. In 2018 she decided to start her own office to introduce more diversity in architecture and be a cultural bridge between Europe and Africa. On her website she states principles for her work:

Create synergies and transversalities.
Créer des synergies et des transversalités.
Putting exchange and usage at the heart of the project.
Placer l’échange et les usages au coeur du projet.
Build and develop without preconceived ideas.
Construire et élaborer sans a priori.
Learn from others.
Apprendre des autres.
Leave room for material and mental experimentation, be resolutely contemporary.
Laisser place à l’expérimentation matérielle et mentale, être résolument contemporain.

Her office actually works on the „Musée des Rois et des Amazones du Dahomey à Abomey“ in Benin – which is already under construction.

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