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Peter Nigst
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Martin Feiersinger
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ÖGFA: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur
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Jan Šepka
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Simma Zimmermann Landschaftsarchitektinnen
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Brian Phillips - ISA - Interface Studio Architects
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Judith Eiblmayr
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Fieldtrips #8 - Klimawandel - Anpassung der Bestandsstadt
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Harald A. Jahn – Die Zukunft der Städte.

When thinking about being an architect in New York, many myths and questions arise.

In September I visited New York  and had the opportunity to meet Kit and Philipp vonDalwig in their Brooklyn office and home to record this conversation.
They were very patient to answer these questions and talk about the great opportunities this city offers. Since Philipp is from Germany, studied there, and worked for a time in Austria, he is a great resource for comparing the understanding of architecture on both sides of the ocean. I also focus on building codes and the profession in the U.S., and Kit explains how complicated it really is and why it never comes up with clients.
Kit and Philipp met at Columbia University during their master’s programs and later founded their firm, vonDALWIG Architecture. Today, they work on a wide range of project types-from multi-family housing and residential interiors to offices and art spaces.
One of their specialties is the renovation of townhouses, where they are able to transform the historic structures into homes for modern families, sometimes within regulated neighborhoods.
They often introduce elements such as courtyards and unusual openings to allow daylight to enter and enhance the structure in surprising ways, creating a great sense of lightness.

vonDALWIG Architecture


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