Symposium Transkulturalität 2021 – Contesting Border Regimes: Sounds

Eigenklang – Die Sendung des Instituts für Volksmusikforschung und Ethnomusikologie
  • Eigenklang0521_Transkulturalitaet-ContestingBorders-cba
56:58 Min.
Rom*nja Geiger*innen, Perlentaucher und jiddisches Lied
56:54 Min.
Musik und Tanz – Musik und Erzählung
59:02 Min.
IVE Study Day: Afghan Music in Exile - Views on the Current Situation
1 Std. 00 Sek.
Symposium Transkulturalität 2023: Music and Racism
59:18 Min.
Eigenklang April 2023-Latin Classical Crossover
57:15 Min.
Die Klänge der aserbaidschan-türkischen Ashiq-Kunst & Hamid Saneiys
58:18 Min.
Motif-Centricity and Micro-Variation in Traditional Music
58:44 Min.
Eigenklang November – Inklusive Musikprojekte
59:04 Min.
Eigenklang - Ursula Hemetek im Interview// Verdienstmedaille in Gold für Ursula Hemetek
58:43 Min.
Jahreskonzert der Studierenden des Masterstudiums Ethnomusikologie, Teil 2

In today’s edition, and also in the following one, everything revolves around the project and symposium Transculturality_mdw. The Symposium is about crossing disciplinary boundaries, this applies to both the scientific academic contributions, which are shaped interdisciplinarily in lectures and inputs, and the artistic practices, which include films, performances, sounds and music.

Eigenklang documents the conference „Contesting Border Regimes – Sounds and Images“ in two parts. Next month the focus is on images and film, this month on sounds and music. The music programme is always a crucial part of the symposium and was presented in four parts under the title METAMORPHOSIS//METAHUMAN. The curator Tonica Hunter understands the music as part of the discourse and as an attempt to open up space, open up mindsets and contesting borders.

Statements on Transkulturalität mdw come from Gerda Müller and Ursula Hemetek. The academic contribution is by the musicologist Anja Brunner. More affective music in this edition is coming from the musicians of her research.

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